Artificial Intelligence (ATA) ATA MetaVerse concepts

Artificial Intelligence ATA MetaVerse contains a "fully functional economy" that never closes. It will span both physical and multiple digital worlds, with "unprecedented interoperability of data, digital items/assets and content." Artificial Intelligence ATA MetaVerse economy will be developed and managed by a number of contributors, from independent builders to DAOs to commercial enterprises.

What are ATA MetaVerse games?

ATA MetaVerse games are simply about enjoying yourself and having fun. We play games, make friends, and most of all, have fun! ATA MetaVerse is a community game, and if you're interested in it but haven't heard of it yet, we want you to know everything you can about it. The goal of ATA MetaVerse games is to build a platform on which users can play games, make money and have fun. ATA MetaVerse games is a virtual reality gaming community made up of virtual people. It can make the real world more interesting. ATA MetaVerse games are a community of gamers who want to build intimacy, play together and have fun. Our goal is to create memorable experiences that we can all enjoy. ATA MetaVerse games are the embodiment of the next generation of games. It's a place where people can make games, play them and make money from them. ATA MetaVerse game is a 3D game engine. Users can develop their games and publish them on the ATA MetaVerse blockchain. ATA MetaVerse games is a website where users can play games in a browser.

ATA MetaVerse gives users a way to interact with friends and strangers through VR. This is a simulation world that allows users to create avatars that they can use for gaming or social interaction. While we're still waiting for a true ATA MetaVerse to be created, there are a growing number of virtual reality games that allow you to escape into another world. ATA is a virtual reality world that allows users to create anything and participate in a variety of activities. In addition, it can be used in a variety of games.

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Artificial Intelligence ATA MetaVerse contains a "fully functional economy" that never closes

  • ATA MetaVerse married

    On December 9, 2021, an American couple (Traci and Dave Gagnon) held an ATA MetaVerse wedding that cost around $30,000 (about rmb200,000).

  • ATA MetaVerse wedding

    The wedding took place on Virbela's virtual platform. < BR >Virbela is a company focused on providing virtual environments for work, learning and activities.

  • ATA MetaVerse to buy land

    Artificial Intelligence It is also a virtual city with lots of virtual land on which users can create anything and a < BR > virtual space of their own, such as shops, offices, booths, etc.

  • Virtual museum

    In addition, there is no need to take the lives of experimental animals in the biological experiment class. In the history class, children can participate in the historical events of that year through scientific and technological equipment. Students can simulate most physical and chemical experiments in the virtual world.

  • ATA Christmas in MetaVerse

    People can also explore a hedge maze inside, ride a roller coaster or just play with some penguins. In addition, there is also a Christmas market to stroll through.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    ATA for all application tokens in the game

    Technology development is based on block chain tokens of application of constant total 1 billion, used to pay all the purchase and consumption behavior in the game, all payments done ATA into destruction at the same time, among them 900 million by all participants in the game rewards dig minerals, the entire game ATA destruction and the output mechanism to maintain the efficiency of 2:1 (destroy 2, output is 1, Universal reduction mechanism).

  • Global promotion of validation mechanisms

    Global airdrop: Fans, BIG V, bloggers, group owners, transfer Remarks Code: Statistics of the end of airdrop, 10% of the total airdrop amount, additional bonus, airdrop verification logic:
    Transfer from any wallet address to official address:
    From 1USDT: Airdrop 10 ATA tokens, one chance, (all addresses)
    100USDT: 98USDT+20 ATA, (verifiable airdrop once a day)
    1000USDT: 990USDT+200 ATA, (verifiable airdrop once a day)
    10000USDT: 9980USDT+2000 ATA, (daily verification can be airdropped once)

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